Castile soap has been gaining popularity in recent years. But what exactly is it? Traditionally, this soap is fine, hard white or mottled soap made with olive oil and soda.

These days it can be more broadly classified as soap derived from vegetable oil.

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What are the benefits?

Castile Soap is great because it’s such a simple product. Earlier we mentioned that this soap is traditionally made from olive oil and soda. Only these ingredients are needed in the soap making process, and once it is cured, you’re left with 100% saponified olive oil.

The main benefits is that it’s a sustainable product that requires little energy to produce. No external heat is required, and the reaction occurs when the caustic soda mixes with the olive oil.

At Sydney Soap Collection, we like to practise sustainable manufacturing and distribution, therefore all of our soaps are simply wrapped in paper.

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Why should I switch to soap bars?

Soap bars are great for people who don’t have sensitive skin! On the plus side, you can find many local soap makers, like us, who make premium quality soaps in small batches at a fair price. If you prefer shower gels, consider making the switch to soap bars that use no plastic packaging.