Product FAQ

Here’s some answers to your questions or concerns about our products:

How long do orders take to make?

We operate during Mon-Friday and allow up to 3 business days to fulfil your order. Wholesale orders are subject to longer processing times due to the bulk nature of order. We like to work fast to get your order ready ASAP.

Example Situation: If you order on Thursday (e.g. the 16th), your order will be dispatched by the following Tuesday (e.g. the 21st) at the latest. Dispatch dates are when your parcel is lodged with Australia post or our courier. In this case, your order would be shipped by Wednesday the 22nd if there’s no courier delay.

How big are your soap bars?

Our soap bars weigh a minimum of 170 -190 grams at time of being cut. We try our best to ensure each bar is cut approximately the same weight. The size of the bar will range from 9-10 cm wide, 6-7 cm tall and 2-2.5 cm deep.

Are your soap bars made to order?

Our soap bars require 6-12 weeks to cure, therefore we make small batches of soaps to sell once ready. They are not made to order but are part of a small batch made recently.

What size are your candle containers?

8oz Large Tin: Width: 8cm x Height: 5cm

2oz Small Tin: Width: 5 cm x Height: 4cm

5oz Glass Jar: Width: 7cm x Height: 8.5

What is the burn time for your candles?

Small Tin (2oz) 17+ Hours

Large Tin (8oz) 35+ Hours

Glass Jar (5oz) 25+ Hours

How strong are your candle scents?

Our candles are made using up to 8% concentration of fragrance oil [Depending on scent]. This allows our candles to be distinct yet not overpowering. Our candles smell stronger when lit, however their scent may be faint when first received.

Why does my shipping confirmation say that my candle fragrance is out of stock?

Your order would be one of the last orders with that fragrance used before we ran out. By changing the product name to “Out Of Stock” it allows us to prevent further orders whilst we wait for more stock to arrive. This method will also temporarily change the fragrance name on your order invoice. Rest assured, you would be contacted prior to us making your order that we had ran out and an alternative scent would be used. This method allows us to manage stock to the best of our ability. We do not substitute scent without your permission.

Are your products vegan?

Our products aren’t tested on animals or contain animals, however some of our products include ethically sourced beeswax or almond milk.

Do you import any products?

We will try to support local companies as much as we can. Our candle containers and wick trimmers are purchased locally from resellers, however may be imported by our suppliers.

Who makes your products?

Gianna and Mikaela do. We’re the only two people running the business. All orders are handcrafted by us and most items are made to order for you.

Do you sell your products overseas?

At this stage we only sell within australia. If you’re interested in having our products shipped to you overseas, please email and we can provide you a quote for shipping.

Where do you source your olive oil?

We buy our virgin olive oil by the drum from an olive farm in Victoria.

What do you do with excess stock?

Fortunately as our products are made to order, we don’t have excess stock. This is so we don’t have any waste in products by making in bulk.

What do you do with old soap bars / failed soap bar batches?

Sometimes the soaps we make aren’t suitable to sell due to a number of factors that influence the reaction of the end result. We usually just use them on ourselves as they still lather and clean, or offer to give them away to people requesting them.