Payment Security

Your safety online is our number 1 priority. We want to ensure that your financial information is safe. We also take extra measures to block fraudulent payments at

Ways we protect your information on our site:

  • All payments are completed securely off our site, meaning that when we send a payment request at checkout, you submit your information directly with Paypal, Stripe, or Afterpay. We receive a notification that your order is approved and we begin our normal processing.
  • We do not store your payment information on our site or servers. All payment information is submitted directly through the payment merchant (i.e. paypal, afterpay or stripe)
  • We use 3D secure to verify credit card information using Stripe. This means when an order is placed using credit card as a payment method, a code is sent to the mobile phone registered to the card to complete the payment. Failure to provide this information will result in a failed payment and any order will not begin processing.
  • Paypal and Afterpay are highly verified in their own right therefore less fraud is likely to occur. Be sure to change your password regularly with these platforms.
  • Our site is SSL Encrypted, which is the standard of security for online stores processing information. You can view our SSL certificate by pressing the padlock icon in your URL field.

Disputed Payments:

Our policy for receiving disputed payments includes co-operating and providing all necessary evidence to the financial institution.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Shipping Tracking
  • Email Correspondence
  • Order confirmation & billing and shipping address information
  • Order Receipts
  • Order Notes
  • Any other sufficient evidence found publicly online

If we believe a new order payment is fraudulent, we have the right to verify a payment using methods to protect your private information:

If we suspect an order is fraudulent, we may hold your order and verify the payment by contacting the person whose details are provided on the billing information.

  • We may use measures to verify your payment – encouraged by Visa and Mastercard including:
    • Providing a screenshot of your online bank statement showing the purchase transaction
    • Providing a photo of your card showing the last 4 digits only
  • If we believe that the information above is not sufficient, the order will be cancelled and refunded to the method of payment used at time of check out.
  • Failure to cooperate will also result in a cancelled order with a full refund to the payment method