History Of Donations

Here is a list of our historical donations made to selected causes from sales we have run exclusively for charitable organisations:

This fundraiser is now over:

Lebanese Red Cross:

In response to the Beirut Blast on August 4th, 2020, we launched a variety of candles laser engraved with ‘beirut’ on the lid. We donated the profits of this candle.

Cost price deducted from sales: Tin, Wax, Wick, Fragrance, Laser Engraver Use, Postage & Packaging.

Donation Inclusions: Labour and net profit

Donation History:

August 8th 2020: $650 AUD ($450 USD)

August 26th 2020: $100 AUD ($72 USD)

Breakdown: $680 from candle sales, $70 supplemented by Sydney Soap Collection