The benefits of using soap bars are what drives our ideas and product generation at Sydney Soap Collection HQ. We’re working out ways to make and distribute soap bars, candles and lip care products which have a low impact on the environment, and use the least amount of materials and ingredients for their purpose. We truly do believe that less is more.

Benefits of using soap bars
Our Hemp Seed Oil Soap Bar $5.99:

To achieve ongoing sustainability with our handmade soaps, we make our batches in small quantities. Our soaps are made by hand using close to no electricity (provided by our solar powered panels on the roof), and are air cured over 6 weeks. Sydney Soap Collection Soap Bars are cut and wrapped by hand, and then sent from our headquarters, where we manufacture our products.

We ship our products to our customers, ensuring they are wrapped in paper and hemp string (twine) as opposed to plastic. Majority of our orders are sent with carbon neutral couriers to try and minimize our carbon footprint.

The Benefits Of Using Soap Bars:

  • Requires little to no packaging
  • No By products generated from use.
  • Safe for most skin types
  • Soap is cured using Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) which is a salt based product. Lye is cured completely from all soap bars prior to use as its purpose is purely to be a catalyst.
  • Smells Great

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